Ahad, 28 September 2008

Cerita hari Ini..

Sepatutnya kau menang..tapi kau tidak menang. KALAH lah bah tuh maksud dia. Iskk..Haiya...6 Games sudah tu EPL..or some might prefer to call it BPL..saya punya team (kakibola utd)..Seri 2 kali..Kalah 4 kali. POints= 2.. O..APa benda tuh? Sebenarnya ini yang fantasy premier league ba..Game dia senang jah..kau ambil mana mana pemain dalam mana mana team yang ada di EPL (yups..steven G,christiano Ronaldo, Deco and etc..can be on the same team..how cool is that!!)..and then susun ikut suka hati kau..tunggu Match EPL..and setiap players dalam team kau akan contribute mata untuk team yang kau buat. COntoh lah.. Kau kasi nama team kau..TEAMB, dalam team kau ada let say si fernando torres,wayne rooney,Cesc Fabregas. kasi genap 11 pemain utama..n 4 reserve.. Then bila ada match antara liverpool vs arsenal lah gitu..Then si torres kasi gol 2 untuk liverpool, and si fabregas 1 gol lah..oleh kerana diorang dalam TEAMB..jadi points GOL dari diorang 2 masuk dalam TEAMB lah.syok juga main nie.. kalau berminat pi register jah di http://fantasy.premierleague.com/..syok tu.

Hari nie..Jalan sama adik n bapa n kawan dia..syok juga..pii makan makan..makan durian lagi...wah..kenyang berabis sya sama adik sya..harga RM70 lagi kami makan durian..gila lah..sedap pula..hehe..pii window shopping di warisan square...Then balik rumah..ada juga lah aktiviti hari minggu..sebab kemarin(sabtu) sya satu hari dirumah..lama tidak rehat..sebab asal hari sabtu...Ada jah training..tapi sabtu yang kemarin freeeeeeee...heheh..

hemmm tiada cerita suda..cerita lagi kalau ada cerita..heheh..

Jumaat, 26 September 2008

Daphne Iking..

who is Daphne..you may ask?? Check out her blog here and her website here

Being a good secret admire of this wacky and super-talented women..i'm looking forward to see her back at her, your-home-town-is-my-home-town, TAMBUNAN that will be aired on Ntv7 on 22nd OCT. I purposely put a 'kira bawah' of this show on my blog. The reason, I don't want to miss IT..hehe..

Daphne, if you ever 'terlimpas' my blog..please don't forget to leave a comment. Okay..hehe..

Khamis, 25 September 2008


now i have a question. Since when do people needs anyone approval to do something good?
it makes me angry. I have the opportunity to do something good, but i can't. Because i need approval. SHhit!. And some smart ass people wants to be credited.WTF.
And...i don't know..people nowadays..are very self-centered...They only care for themselves.WTF..
still angry..and f**k off smart ass..!
ps/sorry kepada yang berpuasa..mecarut pula saya awal pagi!


we've talk with GM of SCC..my mood is A-OKAY rite now..He is not only brilliant man..but also honest. Thanx GM..!!!

Rabu, 24 September 2008

can bah if you..

i've so many unfinished business urm..unfinished.. Rather than analyzing critically on things that was not important..i guess i better start on analyzing programming stuff.. maybe i just want to write a beautiful code as mention by my friend here.

Let me make it happen. i'll try my best to stay focus on learning how to write beautiful code. I want to surprise myself.. ! yeah..maybe i want to write beautiful code..!

Isnin, 22 September 2008

It's Been A while..

since the last time i updated my blog...haha..it's not that i don't have anything to write/complaint or watsoever..but the thing is..when i wanted to post the things that i've written, it ended up in my draft... haha..Y u may ask? haha..maybe its just to sensitive to post..nah..maybe i don't feel like posting it up..haha..ya the later might be the reason..

so what's up with me? nothing much..still try to figure out if the I.T industry is the right industry for me to venture in.. Not that i don't like what i do right now..but sometimes i feel that i can't cope with my fellow-smart-fast-pick-up-friends.. I don't know wats wrong with me.. i realize that i keep giving an excuse for myself to not get serious in what i do right now. Slow-leaner lah, hard lah..cannot tahan with the pressure la...i just can't help it..

I miss my student life..where there are times when i really put hundred and ten percent in my studies.. These times are the time i miss the most..Where i have the will to stay strong, and keep on studying. I even surprised few of my friends who thinks that i'm just a joker who don't know when to get serious.. I really miss that feeling. The feeling where u just outdo yourself, do things differently and success with it.

I miss those moments. I miss the feeling. I miss being smart. I miss being hardworking.Maybe i'm justtttttttttttt to comfortable with my life right now. i don;t know. MayB i need someone to slap me..and wake me up from my laziness,my unmatured-ness.

I don't know.. I hope i can figure what type of human being or man that i can become. What i like right now? i D.O.N.T K.N.O.W! i really don;t know...yes i really don;t know. i don;t have goals,target..I know i'm in trouble for not knowing what i want to do with my life..! I just don't know.. i hope the Big Guy up there can help and give me his blessing and guidance on what should i become. Please GOD..help me to figure this out..ok.. I begg u..Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

so near..yet so far..

Selasa, 16 September 2008

Trip to 1Borneo part1

it's a holiday.16 sept.

my friends and i,went to 1borneo. Saja jalan jalan..Besar juga la tu shopping mall..or complex..Most of the things yang kena jual..mahal juga la..maybe its affordable but still mahal juga la..haha..we didn't buy anything over there..tapi kasi abis duit main GameS. Main cucuk card o kalau main game sana..(ya baru sya tau). Kalau guna coin ok juga. ini main card. Customer pun kena bayar rm13 baru boleh main game. Nasib baik la..mr robert abraham..dengan bangganya membayar rm 13. Merasa juga kami main game sana..

Crazy stuff happen. tidak lah crazy betul..tapi boleh la..see the picture below. Let me just say.. kalau jalan jalan sama sya..sabar jah. Benda benda yang memalukan..for some people lah..bukan saya..emm itu lah yg sya suka buat. hahaa..

Lepas tu kami jalan jalan di karamunsing. Pi k-Box lagi. Habis rm15. Nyanyi 15 lagu. Syok juga la. 'Hukum karma' and ' i don't wanna miss a thing' paling happening kami nyanyi. ehem.. teriak teriak si kawan. syok ooo..rosak terus vocal chords..khahka.. Nanti lah..kalau best..kasi post video kami nyanyi nie lagi.

mengenjoy kan diri saja.Thanx to robert and chen. Sebab kalau tiada diorg..tiada la kereta kami mau naik pii 1borneo. Itu saja la.

ps/ update about me. Still Lugai Lugai.. orang lain yang 'sewaktu' dengan saya ada kereta besar sudah. sya..masih naik bus. haha..

Sabtu, 6 September 2008

Give me a time to grow up ok..

give me a time to grow up...

Jumaat, 5 September 2008


Selasa, 2 September 2008

How to uninstall IE7 and IE8

how to uninstall internet explorer 7 or 8 you might ask?
it's simple..
go to start-->run-->%windir%\ie[version here]\spuninst

...example %windir%\ie7\spuninst..and you're ready to uninstall the IE..

why did i uninstall my I.E7 and went back to use IE6. It's because i can't update any new updates from microsoft website. so changing my IE into IE6 again solve my problem..

..and also while i'm on my IE7..everytime i click the HELP menu and go to the ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER, i encounter an error, where i can;t view the about internet explorer..

that's about it.. will i ever change my browser to ie7 or 8 again..for the time being..my anwer will be..absolutley NO.. until microsoft people can tell me why i'm experiencing this kind of trouble while using their LATEST browser..

so..i'll only use my Internet explorer only when i go to microsoft.com. other then that.. FIREFOX is my main browser right now..

if anybody experince the same problem as i did, uninstall your IE7 or 8..change it back to IE6.

read here for more information of the ie7 and 8 browser..http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/05/05/ie-and-xpsp3.aspx