Jumaat, 19 Disember 2008

The 3 wise kings..

just an update..

christmas comes early to sabah credit corporation today. i've got the chance to show my acting skills (ha! ha! ha!). our floor which comprises of 4 sections (Legal,Audit,Filing and IT section) did a play on the birth of Jesus Christ. So i got to play one of the role of the 3 wise kings. My character is Melchoir, king of arabia, who presented Mary and Joseph gold as a present for the new born king. I think i did okay la..hahaha..no comment on my acting skill.

here are some of the pictures taken during the celebration. as usual, yours truly must be in the picture in order for the picture to be features in this blog. hahhaha..

2 ulasan:

C.Alv.B berkata...

Wah syoknya kamu ada juga activity cam ni di opis.. jealous sa..hhehehe

markiekadus berkata...

kenapa bukan kamu yang kana tanya ah webber... patut kamu sebab kamu 3 wise king... WISE!!! wakakakakaka...

really enjoy this lah... wekekekeke