Sabtu, 8 November 2008

nothing personal..

i need to control my temper a bit la..
maybe it's not's just that i'm a little bit upset, others can do..and i can't.
at thing i realize..when i'm upset, it's actually means that i care.

i have this things on me that..well..forget about it.
let just say..i like to lead..not follow..i like to teach..not to be's all in
my ego i might like me for who i am..some might not..

nah..what i'm trying to say is..when i'm good...i'm very2x good..Better..Excellent..

haha..that's about it..

nothing personal..

ps/ if i can do do you..if you can do it..get comes a new challanger! hahaha..:)

2nd ps/ i found my love..but did my love found me?

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