Khamis, 29 Mei 2008

Happy Kaamatan...From yours trulyy...

I went back to my beloved hometown tambunan. when it comes to the month of may, tambunan will be surrounded by Karoke, the sound of Gong, the happiness of marrige, the pain from kogutan, and etc.

Tambunan is THE place to go if you want to experience the REAL 'KICK' of the kaamatan. We(the tambunan people) will provide you the BEST TAPAI ever ( yes, traditional drinks always my number 1 choice). You can enjoy every drops of the 'TAPAI' without paying a cent! there is the 'TUMPUNG', the 'LINUTAU', The 'TAJAU, the 'PINUNAN', hahaha even the type of how you want your tapai to be serve is confusing.

hemm.. i dont know if i can stand the pressure of my new job environment. Hemm..feels like i want to quit and be a farmer..hemm..but for now..lets enjoy the KAAMATAN festival, dont drink and drive, always remeber your loves one! haha..ok la..mau pii rumah sebelah mau celebrate kaamatan with my relatives... hemm.. if the camera is okay, then i'll post some of the photo in this blog..

everyone..Have a Good Time celeberating KAAMATAN. KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAYO DO KAAMATAN!!! :: enjoyyyyyyyyyy..and for the second time..Dont drink and drive.. remember your loves one.(your father,mother,brothers,sisters,wife(s),children, and other people's loves one!)

Sabtu, 24 Mei 2008


WOW..never thought that my post on the 'unduk ngadau tambunan' was a hit! this was indeed my biggest hits ever withcurrently ( from 17 -21/5 ) 107 unique visitors. Thank you all for the comments. I wish the unduk ngadau Tambunan 2008 all the best in the unduk ngadau sabah 2008 0n 30-31 mei.

Move on.. There's been a lot happening events on TV and in my life in the past few days..Start off with me taking pictures while on the way back from K.K to Tambunan. There's many beautifu scenery canbe captured along the way from K.K to Tambunan. The view of kg.sunsuron tambunan from top is priceless. On the waythere is also a stopping point for those who wants to take a rest before continuing their journey to tambunan orkeningau. It is called the Air Terjun Masakob (Masakob waterfall). Since the gate to the waterfall was closed, i onlymanage to took pictures outside the waterfall masakob.
View Of Kg.Sunsuron Tambunan

sumandak yg ada darah Sunsuron

Signboard saja la..

ya..yg tengah paling bangga!

On 21/5 i went to keningau for my driving test. And Guess what?? i've failed. To make things worst it was the secondtime i took the driving test. Hahah..Trauma juga la..Frust gila..but hey, when i come to think about it..there's always a positive least i don't have to be anyone's driver. haha.

Fail Lebuh raya Keningau!

nampak yang bertulis gsm tu..its stand for GAGAL SERTA MERTA kalau translate dalam bahasa ibunda george bush.. Fail with immediate effect! haha

Sia teminum beer 3 tin bah b4 pii test parking.. bukan kereta yang langgar tiang..tapi sya! Keluar kereta jah, sya terhantuk tu tiang..kena kasi fail jpj juga..haha..silaka punya kepala(ada lebam sikit)

And what i've seen currently on tv.
First up.. Manchester United won the Champions leagaue against Chelsea. So ronaldo missed his penalty shot andso is john terry. Congratulation to Manchester United! i'm not a fan but anyone who go against chelsea has my support. hahaha..No i don't hate chelsea, it just that chelsea clinton reject my marrige proposal. haha..

Chelsea Who???

Yeah i missed my penalty shoot..but hey at least i still have my six-pec..

and Yes..the America-so-called-idol. Little archuleta fans failed to make him theiramerican idol. For me little david has delivered an OKAY performance compare to David Cook on the finale.if David cook lost on the american idol, it has to be because of the wrong song choices.But maybe the americans voters also considered David Cook past fantastic performance ( remember always be my baby ).for little david archuleta, its not about song choices,maybe his lack of sex-appeal( i dont know what imtalking about)..what's sex-appeal anway??...BUt congrats to both david, GREAT performance on the finale.

And guess what, i completes my degree in I.T. (only managed to get 2nd class upper) above 3 and below 3.7.haha. On monday i'll be trained to be a web programmer in a secret location(6 months with hemm.. small amount of allowance, but who am i to complain).
so thats about it.. not-so-looking-forward for the akademi fantasia finale this saturday. I hope Stacy-alamak-terlebih-sudah will be crowned as the af champions and make her the 2nd girl to win the competition after mila.

continue on reading people. if there's any happening event especially in Tambunan i hope i can be there to cover the event..haha..

paparazzi wannabes. Alamak terlebih sudah!

Ahad, 18 Mei 2008

Pesta Kaamatan Tambunan 2008

17 may 2008

I need something to blog. Since today is the ‘Pesta Menuai’ or ‘Kaamatan Festival’ in my district,Tambunan, so I decide to go and enjoy the festival. It’s been a while since the last time I went to such festival in my district. Biasalah busy study di K.K saja kunun.

To be honest I did not enjoy the kaamatan festival very much. There are not much changes in the kaamatan festival. The m.c is still the same people, and my guess is the organizer is still the same organizer as 7 YEARS before. Maybe because the Adun is still the same kot. (no..i do not have anything against Huguan Siou Datuk seri panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, much respect to the ex-chief minister, but seriously people, do we need the same people/organizer for every BIG event in Tambunan! Maybe it’s Time For Change. ). Where are all the Beautiful Pesta Kaamatan Songs? instead Y.O.U(the organizer) make us listen to Indonesia songs( Cinta???Berdua lebih Baik???) and what’s up with di bawa pohon asmara song? Common people.. I,WE need Kadazan Dusun Songs, and you blame us the younger generation cannot speak any Kadazan Dusun language properly. Hemm enough emoing ‘bout the organizer.

I only enjoy watching the beauty peagent event or popular known as the ‘Unduk Ngadau’. I must say the judges(which was imported from other district to avoid any biasness) had done very well in choosing the new tambunan beauty queen or the new unduk ngadau tambunan. In the first round where the contestant introduce themselves to the crowd, the girl with no 11 tag caught my eye. She walk gracefully, her smile was very mesmerizing and her eye contac with the audience was great!

Ladies and Gentelman introducing the newly crowned unduk ngadau miss Emily Majil from Mukim Nambayan. This girl is from kg.Mangkatai Tambunan. The first runner-up is from Kg.Monsorulung. And the other 4 girls I did not manage to recall which mukim or village they’re representing.

Miss Emily Majil unduk ngadau tambunan district 2008

Great Smile

me and miss emily majil

another picture with newly crowned unduk ngadau tambunan 2008

with tambunan unduk ngadau 2007 miss edith

(L) First runner-up (M) Unduk Ngadau (R) Second Runner-up

fifth and sixth runner up

top 6 unduk ngadau tambunan 2008

ratu osuwau a.k.a miss friendship

the semi finalist contestant

another semifinalist

another semifinalist

with Juara Sugondoi Tambunan 2008 ( Pesta kaamatan tambunan singing contest champion) Miss Ervina Benjamin

With Miss Pat (Petronella is it?) KDM singer (i'll try and look out for your song..anyway nice meeting you..such a sweet and lovely girl)

Khamis, 1 Mei 2008

M.U Vs (Liverpool || Chelsea)