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Pesta Kaamatan Tambunan 2008

17 may 2008

I need something to blog. Since today is the ‘Pesta Menuai’ or ‘Kaamatan Festival’ in my district,Tambunan, so I decide to go and enjoy the festival. It’s been a while since the last time I went to such festival in my district. Biasalah busy study di K.K saja kunun.

To be honest I did not enjoy the kaamatan festival very much. There are not much changes in the kaamatan festival. The m.c is still the same people, and my guess is the organizer is still the same organizer as 7 YEARS before. Maybe because the Adun is still the same kot. (no..i do not have anything against Huguan Siou Datuk seri panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, much respect to the ex-chief minister, but seriously people, do we need the same people/organizer for every BIG event in Tambunan! Maybe it’s Time For Change. ). Where are all the Beautiful Pesta Kaamatan Songs? instead Y.O.U(the organizer) make us listen to Indonesia songs( Cinta???Berdua lebih Baik???) and what’s up with di bawa pohon asmara song? Common people.. I,WE need Kadazan Dusun Songs, and you blame us the younger generation cannot speak any Kadazan Dusun language properly. Hemm enough emoing ‘bout the organizer.

I only enjoy watching the beauty peagent event or popular known as the ‘Unduk Ngadau’. I must say the judges(which was imported from other district to avoid any biasness) had done very well in choosing the new tambunan beauty queen or the new unduk ngadau tambunan. In the first round where the contestant introduce themselves to the crowd, the girl with no 11 tag caught my eye. She walk gracefully, her smile was very mesmerizing and her eye contac with the audience was great!

Ladies and Gentelman introducing the newly crowned unduk ngadau miss Emily Majil from Mukim Nambayan. This girl is from kg.Mangkatai Tambunan. The first runner-up is from Kg.Monsorulung. And the other 4 girls I did not manage to recall which mukim or village they’re representing.

Miss Emily Majil unduk ngadau tambunan district 2008

Great Smile

me and miss emily majil

another picture with newly crowned unduk ngadau tambunan 2008

with tambunan unduk ngadau 2007 miss edith

(L) First runner-up (M) Unduk Ngadau (R) Second Runner-up

fifth and sixth runner up

top 6 unduk ngadau tambunan 2008

ratu osuwau a.k.a miss friendship

the semi finalist contestant

another semifinalist

another semifinalist

with Juara Sugondoi Tambunan 2008 ( Pesta kaamatan tambunan singing contest champion) Miss Ervina Benjamin

With Miss Pat (Petronella is it?) KDM singer (i'll try and look out for your song..anyway nice meeting you..such a sweet and lovely girl)

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Falcon berkata...

nice pics...never seen such pics before(maybe coz i live in the peninsula)...never knew we had local beauty contest...lol

Merapu itu baik untuk kesihatan berkata...

ai falcon,thanx for dropping by..hemm yeah..we do have a local beauty contest here...

era berkata...

hi ,
ya orang sabah cantik2.hopefully I can visit Sabah again.

LAst time was in 2002,naik gunung Kinabalu