Khamis, 29 Mei 2008

Happy Kaamatan...From yours trulyy...

I went back to my beloved hometown tambunan. when it comes to the month of may, tambunan will be surrounded by Karoke, the sound of Gong, the happiness of marrige, the pain from kogutan, and etc.

Tambunan is THE place to go if you want to experience the REAL 'KICK' of the kaamatan. We(the tambunan people) will provide you the BEST TAPAI ever ( yes, traditional drinks always my number 1 choice). You can enjoy every drops of the 'TAPAI' without paying a cent! there is the 'TUMPUNG', the 'LINUTAU', The 'TAJAU, the 'PINUNAN', hahaha even the type of how you want your tapai to be serve is confusing.

hemm.. i dont know if i can stand the pressure of my new job environment. Hemm..feels like i want to quit and be a farmer..hemm..but for now..lets enjoy the KAAMATAN festival, dont drink and drive, always remeber your loves one! haha..ok la..mau pii rumah sebelah mau celebrate kaamatan with my relatives... hemm.. if the camera is okay, then i'll post some of the photo in this blog..

everyone..Have a Good Time celeberating KAAMATAN. KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAYO DO KAAMATAN!!! :: enjoyyyyyyyyyy..and for the second time..Dont drink and drive.. remember your loves one.(your father,mother,brothers,sisters,wife(s),children, and other people's loves one!)

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