Ahad, 1 Jun 2008

Unduk Ngadau State 2008

The Final Result of the Unduk Ngadau 2008 is OUT!!! Our very own Miss Tambunan, Miss.Emily Majil are in the 3rd place(2nd runner-up). Congrats To Miss Emily. (ps Miss Emily if you ever run into my blog and you want your picture that's taken by me, haha, you can email me at merapuswz@gmail.com )

Miss Emily Majil 2nd runner up in the state level unduk ngadau 2008

And not forgetting to Miss Ervina Benjamin who's also a 3rd place winner of the Sugundoi Kaamatan state level 2008, congrats, and job well done to both of tambunan representetive. JOB WELL DONE GIRLSS!!

Miss Ervina Benjamin 3rd place in sugondoi state level 2008

The Unduk Ngadau state 2008 is ... Miss Penampang, Leonie Gontuni , and the 2nd place(1st runner up) is Miss.Florence Masimbin From Kinabatangan. Congrats to all the winners! Photos are taken from http://www.undukngadau.com/site/index.php/News/Latest/Unduk-Ngadau-2008-Winner.html. Want to see more pictures of the unduk ngadau 2008, visit and register at http://www.undukngadau.com/.

(L)Miss.Florence Masimbin From Kinabatangan (M) Miss Penampang, Leonie Gontuni,Unduk Ngadau state 2008 (R) Miss.Emily Majil From Tambunan

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