Jumaat, 13 Jun 2008

a story about a boy name xyz..

This is a story about a boy name xyz..

he use to be very afraid of those who he think is 'tougher' and 'stronger' than him..
he use to be very nice with his words to others although he doesn't like them..
he use to follow instruction from others despite he knows he don't like to be order..
he always have a doubt with his capabilities..

but NOW

he will take every punch and return it to those who threw punches at him,
he will not be nice to others who's not nice to him,
he will listen to instruction and decide on either following it or not..
and NOW he will have NO DOUBT with his own capabilities..

... My only advise for xyz ... GO FOR IT BOY! I'LL SUPPORT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! and you know who you are..!

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