Jumaat, 31 Oktober 2008


Your Love Number is 6

Who you fall in love with is all about who you trust.

Loyalty is important to you, and you want the most faithful of lovers.

In return, you never let your heart or eyes wander.

Open and honest, your relationships tend to be free of secrets.

Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

i remember..

i remember
saying "i'm more than this",
i remember
saying "Let us do this",
i remember
saying "I can beat this",
i remember
saying "Go all out, see what will happen"
i remember
saying "I'll compete with myself,not others"
i remember
saying "I'll do this for you"
I remember
saying "enough is enough"
I remember
saying "i quit"
I remember
saying "I'll never give up"
I remember
saying "Hold on to your dreams"...

.....now all i want to say is "F-U-C-K O-F-F, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE".....
.....I Don'T care about ME anymore..... I Don't want to continue this shit anymore...
.....i'm letting it all go..... i don't care.. i feel free..

Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

difference between wanting someone and wanting something..

i just realize this one just now..
on my previous post i write something about "if you love someone, set them free, if that someone comes back to you, both of you're meant to be."

how about if you want something? the rules above, for me, is not relevant. " If you want something, hold on to it, Never set that something free..at the end of the day..you'll get that something that you want."

ps/ seja merapu awal pagi..renung2kan dan selamat beramal.!


Ahad, 26 Oktober 2008

Tribute to my friends..

i got this story from my sister..

Cinta & Kawan

Satu hari CINTA & KAWAN berjalan dalam kampung...
Tiba-tiba CINTA terjatuh dalam telaga...
Kerana CINTA itu buta....
Lalu KAWAN pun ikut terjun dalam telaga...
Kerana... KAWAN akan buat apa saja demi CINTA !!
Di dalam telaga CINTA hilang...
Kerana... CINTA itu halus, mudah hilang kalau tak dijaga, sukar dicari
apa lagi dalam telaga yang gelap...
Sedangkan KAWAN masih lagi tercari-cari dimana CINTA & terus menunggu..
Kerana... KAWAN itu sejati & akan kekal sebagai KAWAN yang setia...

ps/ i'm different. If i have many stories to post..i don't wait till the next day to post it. That's y in one day you'll see more than 1 post in my blog in 1 day..hehe..Njoy Reading..


i ask..and god answer..

why do you choose me?
"if you can overcome the sufferings and obstacles of being you, you can share your experience with people who experience the same sufferings,the same obstacles that you've gone through"

i refuse to listen to what the other christian domination thoughts of GOD..
"You shall love your neighbour as yourself"

i question my faith..
"You shall love GOD, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind"
"Listening will strength your faith. Listen to the gospel,words of GOD."


ps/ God works wonderfully well in each of. "ask and you shall receive". I'll never question my faith to GOD. Not anymore..Never!

akhir zaman..

they talk about Jesus coming back to the world..
i disagree..

they talk about all the sign, all the prophecy watsoever..
again i disagree..

... i disagree.. and it makes me feel angry..
... If jesus ever coming back to the world...
... i just want to ask "Why Me..there are millions of people you created in this world..and Y do you choose me?"
and then again i questioned my FAITH?


ps/GTG to church. Hope i'll found my answer sooner..

Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

set yourself free..

sometimes we think that 'that' someone is our happiness. Truth to be told, 'that' someone don't feel the same. You are not his/her happiness. We will be hurt by the fact. What can we do? Just set that someone free. Let her/him find her/his happiness. The moment you set them free, you'll also be free to find your happiness from someone else.

Relationship is about trial and error. Don't force someone to like or love you. Don't fool urself on imagining you'll be happy with that 'someone' who don't find you as her/his happiness. Free yourself.

I believe we all have someone out there as our happiness. Don't be afraid to find that someone. Eventually your happiness will comes to you, weather you expected it or not.

so that's my advise to you.

ps/ if you really love someone, set them free, if she/he comes back to you, then both of you're meant to be. Peace. :)

she ask..

"am i still the number one in your heart?"

my answer No. "You come after God, and my family."


actually there is this someone that i think i've a crush on. but we're never meant to be.



Khamis, 23 Oktober 2008


last nite was the show..and i missed it. Y? i don't have TV at the place where i'm staying right now. My sis called me, telling that Daphne also went to Mahwa waterfall. It's a good promotion by the way. and..yes..i missed it.

i want to equip myself with more knowledge. Knowledge is power...and i want to gain more power..means more reading..means more knowledge. hehe..

:)... stay calm and you'll find your way..

Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

Banyak benda Lagi..

so many things, so little time.
Cherish every moment.
... :)

cerita hari ini..dari jam 8am - 11 la..

hari nie..macam biasa..pii opis..tapi bus lambat sikit..mau dekat jam 8 baru sampai opis..
cerita pertama, first satu stock toner dalam store hilang..tidak tau pii mana..kira sya yang kena suruh handle nie kes..belum settle lagi..then dapat service call..x dapat update antivirus nod32..dapat kasi settle, tapi terpaksa minta bantuan staff IT la..then masuk jah opis..komputer yang sya kira service hari tu..rosak..sya kena tanya la soalan soalan..then sya lupa,sebab nie kes lama sudah sya buat. Rasa macam bodoh jah nie. so sya bad mood. nasib baik lah kawan sya si vister tolong check n repair back the PC. so problem solved. mood sya ok balik. hari nie cukup lah service call sya ambil. macam malas pula..sya mau teruskan buat corel draw n maybe do some programming stuff..

ok la. kess hari nie..buat sya realize i need a lot of training..sampai biasa..sya ingat sya boleh buat troubleshooting PC sudah..rupanya..banyak kena belajar..kannnn junior? hahaha

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

cerita hari ini..


apa sya buat hari nie.. ada juga lah..turun sana turun sini buat troubleshooting komputer.. masa lain..buat corel draw.. i do some programming(learn) in .net. Pening kepala bah..but selagi ada nafas..selagi itu lah bah kita belajar kan.. i think i've attract more +ve energy in my life. I try not to think -ve. -ve thinking don't make me go forward, but making me left behind.

Dear friends,sisters,brothers,uncle,auntie..try to instill more +ve thinking in our daily life. Let make this world a better place ok. Positive thinking attract more +ve energy. +ve energy will make ur life and mine better. PEACE!!


Isnin, 20 Oktober 2008

what actually happens in our country right now?

i don't know. I read the newspapers, but it's like i didn't read it at all. As far as i know the HOT news was about all the political parties general election. something like that. hemm..i need to start reading and FOCUS what's on the news from now on. Just for my own information, mana lah tau satu hari kena tanya hal2x di sekitar malaysia time interview..bikin malu jah x tau.

itu saja lah..mau buat sesuatu dulu.

ps/ OK.. :)))

my mum and her saint name..

April 27
St. Zita of Lucca

Zita is a good saint for those of us who sometimes lose a chance to do some good by waiting to do something better.

St. Francis of Assisi was still living when Zita was born to poor, devout Italian parents. From the age of 12 until her death, she worked as a servant for the Fatinelli family in Lucca. She was a hard worker, pious and generous. Although that dedication provoked jealousy on the part of some other servants, Zita won them over by her patience.

As the years passed, she became famous for helping the sick, the poor and the imprisoned. She was regarded locally as a saint soon after her death; that title was officially given to her in 1696. Zita is the patroness of domestic workers.


"You can’t take it with you," we say. Yet often people are afraid to perform the corporal works of mercy because they fear depleting their resources—time, money or energy. Zita is honored as a saint largely because of her charity. She might have compared herself with others having greater resources and excused herself from aiding Christ’s poor. She lived out Jesus’ story about the widow’s mite (see Luke 21:1-4).


"Let us then have charity and humility; let us give alms since this washes our souls from the stains of [our] sins (see Tobit 4:11; 12:9). For people lose everything they leave behind in this world; but they carry with them the rewards of charity and the alms which they gave, for which they will have a reward and a suitable remuneration from the Lord" (St. Francis, Second Version of the Letter to the Faithful).

Ahad, 19 Oktober 2008


i learn my lesson. Never promise if you can't keep it. i will go wherever my flow brings me. I want to stay close to the creator. I've crossed my line for i don't know how many times..now i'll stay on the line, will never cross it. i'll put my legs exactly on the line. Not more, not less, but exactly on the line.

ps/ on the journey for fully recovery.

Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

tempoh tamat berkabung..ehemm..

haiya..10 hari sudah sya bersedih..haha..cukup cukup lah tuhh webber.
webber cuba kau jadi orang yang lebih relax, lebih ceria, lebih kuat main, lebih matang, lebih kuat kerja.

ps/ sya very competitive..tapi sya x translate tu competitiveness sya pigi usaha untuk lebih maju. 10 days, cukup la..hehe..sya harap sya akan jadi lebih matang.


1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
- next!

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
- to be RICH!

3. What's you planning for this year's X'mas?
- nothing..haven't got the time to think about it

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
- jetting here and there..want to see all GOD creations.

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend?
- next!

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
- loving someone.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
- watch la. pray that they will be happy forever and ever.

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be?
- me!

10. What takes you down the fastest?
- 'you' crosses me.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
- more matured, more money and not married!

12. What’s your fear?
- fall in love.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
- oo i copy this QnA from MarkieKadus. i've answer this question b4

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
- single and rich. Thank u very much.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
- Pray. haha..not exactly lah..i switch off my alarm clock.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
- y not.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
- i pick me.

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
-i forgive..but never forget..

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?

20.List 6 people to tag
- -end-

Einsamer Hirte..

Einsamer hirte...you heard it somewhere but you don't know that this piece of classical music called Einsamer Hirte. I think this piece truly represent what i am feeling right now or what my life was like for the fast 2 weeks.

Jumaat, 17 Oktober 2008

the difference..

between me and my fellow trainee friends was.. they enjoyed wat they're doing.

Our senior manager always told us to "put your heart" in anything you do. But so far, i didn't even try to put all my heart in whatever i'm doing. I know my weak points, but i never tried to learn how to make it strong. Let just say, they were good and i'm not.I'm not being -ve. it's a fact.

a man got to do what a man got to do.

one thing i learn and heard today, from one of the senior manager in SCC, "Jangan takut kalah, Buat saja sampai biasa".

I need to be more +ve. Instill all the +ve energy. Get rid of the -ve energy. If i can do this..i'll be a better person.

ps/ webber stay +ve. I know i don't have the right to treat some people the way i treated them right now. They encourage me to do better, but i treat it as a threat. I need to cherish every moment, while it still there. i need to be more relax,calm and be grateful with all the love and care that people surrounding gives to me.

update SCC raya..

some of the pictures taken from the SCC raya.

syok menari..

it's about letting all yourself go. Dance in front of a large audience, first time experience in my life. i'm used to perform in front of a big crowd; debate,sing..but never dancing. haha..there is a first time fro everything. I thanked my frends for their no malu malu attitude. sya pun tejangkit juga x malu. Personally i enjoyed the performance very MUCH, but i know professionally judging, it's quite a messy performance. but who cares? i had a good, oo no, GREAT time.. what a blast!!

update later. I'm progressing.

ps/ sometimes in order for you to show someone that you love them very much and deeply is to let them go. i wish u all the best. i'm letting you go.

"when i get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead!"

Thank you for all the prayer.

Khamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Gossip Girl..

just finish watching the season 2 episode 6 of gossip girl.. and miracle happens. my mood is A-ok right now. hehe..friendship and betrayal, that what i call a good drama series. your friend steal something for you, you steal it back. Your friend cut you out from what you like, you find a way in. but at the end of the day,both of you'll still become a good friend. Frenemy, in the case of serena and blair.

the script was well written. You'll find at least two very inspiring quote from every episode.

somehow,this drama series, light up my day. I recommend it to you all. but beware..it's very addictive..

when i'm sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead... my..my.. what a quote.

besok menari.. harp harap..teda kejadian yang memalukan la..


wish me luck..

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008

cerita hari ini..

ok la.. sya penat sudah..
penat sudah..
penat sudah.. tapi masih lagi..
penat sudah.

i think i should rest.

Ahad, 12 Oktober 2008

today's stories

Tiba tiba sya rasa mau minta maaf sama saturang kawan baik saya nie. sudah sms dia pun. Banyak betul sya buat silap sama dia nie, tapi antara dia pura pura tidak tau, atau pun betul2x tidak tau. Kalau dia tau, baguslah, kalu tidak pun emm, biar sya sendiri jah tau.

sya selalu berdoa untuk diri sya sendiri and my family jah. sekarang sya mau try Pray for the outsiders too.

sya semakin mau berubah menjadi manusia yang baik.

the break-up really did something good for me.

i need to forgive myself for all the bad things that i cause myself. I need to ask GOD for forgiveness. I really want to change things around me from now on.

now i believe, things really happen for a reason.

i say hello to the new NEVER-underestimate-yourself-again, Webber.

ps/ need to make a shout out to my friend ah kit,thank you for advising me to do the right thing.

Dear GOD..

"I bow down to you, with a very humble heart. Help me to get through this very tough time in my life." -webber#12OCT2008-1936-

one step at a time..

i'm taking it slow.
i think things happen for a reason.
i need to be closer to the creator.
i need to strengthen my faith.
then mayb i'll found my happiness.

Jumaat, 10 Oktober 2008

ok sudah...

hemm..ok sudah sya nie sya rasa..
tapi macam lain lain sikit la..
susah betul hidup bernama webber nie..

ya..perlu kasi busy buat benda yang menguntungkan..bukan yang menyakitkan.
haha. gila betul. oo.

dalam 2-3 hari nie sya frust bah sebenarnya. feel very rejected. silaka tul. adakah patut.. iskk..si dia tu pun satu.. sya sudah kasitau..kalau mau break, buat betul betul. jangan gantung. malas betul nie.

sya tau juga lah bah sya hensem. senang mau cari baru. tapi deep down, sya masih mengharapkan kau bah sebenarnya. iskk.. silaka.

kadang kadang sya benci betul kau..sampai tejangkit benci orang lain juga.. kahkaa..terutama rakan rakan sekeliling..sory lah yang terasa.

yalah sya masi bagi chance sama kau..tu break our relationship dengan cara yang baik. Kalau kau suruh saya berhenti. ok i'll stop..loving u. haha.. loving lagi tu..katawa adik2x sya dirumah baca nie blog.

i consider myself as a free man then from this time. 9.50pm. ok ladies, prepare, the most eligible bachelor has come to town.

ps/ macam macam bah perempuan, boleh buat kau senang hati, n susah hati. boleh buat kau sayang, boleh buat kau benci juga. haha. sakit lagi hati sya sikit.. tapi ok sudah. silaka. khahka...silakaaaaaaaaaaaa...hahaha..silakaaaaaaaaaaaa...

and i;m a free handsome-man now.

Khamis, 9 Oktober 2008

just return back from a very long journey from beaufort.

baru balik dari beaufort. Penat. Bukan penat kerja..penat perjalanan jauh.
Hemm..i still need a lot more to learn before i can dream of being a leader in the future.

ok la. penat. ada gambar juga. tapi nanti lah sya post. malas dulu.

Rabu, 8 Oktober 2008

so much for 1 futsal game..

lepas main futsal..sya rasa penat..
apa ubat kalau penat main futsal..
kalau saya...minum lah beerrrrr...
sekarang...saya sudah minum satu botol carlsberg..

saturang jah minum..teda kawan nie..
hahaha..ada 9 tin menunggu..

tengok kalau lepas habis 1 botol n 9 tin carlsberg saya still boleh blog atau tidak..
hahahha....besok mau piii beaufort...kogutan lah nie...tapi saya mana peduli...yg penting...saya mau minum beer hari nie..........yehhhhhaaa...ok..baru abis satu botol..sekarang mau minum tin yang pertama...sudah sya call si vister sedia..kasi bangun sya, takut sya lewat bangun mau pii beaufort besok..haha..bagus juga nie plan..ok..sya tulis after abis 1 tin lagi...

baru abis 1 botol 1 tin.. sya rasa heart bear sya semakin cepat pula..kepala pun pening pening sudah.. hemmm takkan sya mabuk sudah nie... hemm mau pii mandi dulu la..kalau larat sya continue minum tin yang ke-2..heheheh..zaman kegemilangan sya dulu.. sampai 7 jag bah sya kasi abis beer... gila oo..skrg tua sudah kali..

CIsssss...adakah 1 botol 2 tin jah sya dapat bertahan..terus blackout lagi tu..haha..nasib di bilik sendiri and not the jalan raya.. i guess i'm too old for all the 7 jugs of beer thingy again..haha.. i'm very proud of myself..!!


(just screaming inside..i need to let go..i need to do a soul searching)


i'll miss pretending that i-don't-know that my photo is being taken..


i'll miss pretending that i'm busy working on something..

Beaufort..here i come..

yehha...tommorow Johnny, vister and i will be heading to beaufort. ehmm..one of the many branches of SCC. We need to rearranged their office and do some maintenence on their CCtV.. i hope i can get more knowledge in troubleshooting IT stuff while i'm on this trip since i'm counting down my last day before i left SCC.

so beaufort here i come.. never went to beaufort before. so i'm feeling excited.

yet another reason..

why SCC is not for me..OR..i'm not qualify to be SCC's Staff.

I play futsal. First Time Ever!.. Let me just say straight to the point. I never PLAY football since like forever.. If i 'm not mistaken, the last time i play football was when i was in Primary Five. So today i play..if it is even consider playing..i just standing at the front of the Goal Net..and make myself "USEFUL" by providing an easy goal for the SCC staff. 4 goals..less then ehmm 4 minutes..

My friend say it's only a game..no big deal. They were right, RIGHT? nope...for me it's not just a game..I don't know why, i can't treat anything just as it is. Typical me.. anything that i CAN'T do better is just a SHAMEFUL experience for me.

I don't have any sportsmanship like the others. They shake hands after the final whistle...and me.. hemm..just watching them shake hands.

Everyone was happy... and i feel like the-most-useless-person in the whole world. so i guess, i'm writing this post because, i need to tell everyone, if u encourage me to try something that is out from my comfort zone,and expect it will do something good to me..then you're TOTALY wrong. I'm not YOU!..I'm more complicated than what you think. Let me repeat again, i don't see things like you see, i don't treat things like what it is, and i don't treat my first time experience playing futsal as just a game!

i'm just complicated!..and i guess i'm a completely weirdo!

ps/ the reason why i'm not qualified to be scc staff is.. i'm not good enough for SCC. and there you go, 1 simple reason y i don't do well in my training in SCC. I'm a fighter..but i don't fight enough for SCC.

and see.. i don't treat my-first-time-playing-futsal as just a GAME! now..go and celebrate!

mood: angry and upset with myself!!!

Selasa, 7 Oktober 2008

cerita hari ini..

saya sebenarnya paling tidak suka..kalau orang mau ajar saya ataupun mau bagitau sesuatu kan marah marah bah. Macam lah bodoh betul saya nie..mau cakap marah marah. Mau share sesuatu yang baik, jangan lah bah marah marah.

Sekarang saya bersabar jah nie. Benda baru. Belajar bersabar. Hemmm..entah sampai bila sya boleh sabar. haha. Yalah..positive side dia..saya belajar bersabar.

Khamis, 2 Oktober 2008


even if you will look silly..just do it, if it's for your own good. Jangan lah bah malu malu..Orang yang malu, selalu tidak akan kelihatan di kalangan ramai orang. ok.
PS/ pesanan untuk diri sendiri.

Rabu, 1 Oktober 2008

My Gayest Q&A session..

1. The who tag/pass you is?
- Markie Mark Kadus... kalau bukan dia yang hantar nie..and personally kasitau saya yang dia tagged saya..malas sya mau jawab nie..so mark..here's my answer for the questions..

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
- My Mentor + Friend

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
- 1)Funny 2)Serious 3)Responsible 4)Big Heart 5) Sexy..Aummmm

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
- Sharing his knowledge In IT

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
- " ala..tejatuh pula pen saya... "

6. If she/he become your lover you will?
- i will love him back..

7. If she/he become your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?
- nothing.

8. If she/he become your enemy, you will?
- become his worst nigtmare

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?
- i rejected his love..hahaha

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
- ...drink 3 set of tiger beer!! yehaa..

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
- open minded

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
- i can be kind and pain in the ass at the same time..

13. The characters you love of yourself are?
- i'm a self-profess the most handsome guy the world ever meet.!

14. On the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are?
- i hate being handsome..

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Vincent Pung

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
- i care and like you too..group hug everbody...awwwww..

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.
here's the list..in a random order..haha..kalau kamu rajin jawab nie Q&A..Cut and paste pii blog kamu..nanti saya pii baca..ok !!!
1. Mark
2. Vister
3. Siti Maslina
4. Clarence
5. karen
6. Judith
7. Yang yang
8. Chen Ken Hyung
9. Robert Abraham
10. Hediwg G

18. Who is No.6 having relationship with?
- cornelius..

19. Is No.9 a male or female?
- Male..can be a she-male at times..right roberta???haha

20. If No.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
- i know the guy in no 10. He's my best friend in my secondary school..He's a good guy..No 7..yang yang..currently a pratical studnt at sri komputer..the girl is sweet but that's how far i know about her.. Will it be a good thing if no 7 and 10 are together..i say.. " bring it on"..

21. What is No.2 studying about?
- oo you mean Vister Albert? he is IT student...i mean IT Graduate. He is smarter than me..But we complete each other.. haha..don't get me wrong..we complete each other in a sense the if i started something..he'll finish it.

22. When was the last time you had a chat with No.3?
- siti...just recently..discussing on bringing my friends to celebrate raya at her house..

23. What kind of music band does No.8 like?
- Chen..he's chinese...he likes mando-pop kind of music..

24. Does No.1 have any siblings?
- sorry mark..but i never had the chance to ask him about his family.

25. will you woo No.3?
- woo..you mean flirting with siti..never..because this girl has already engage with a POLICEMAN!!

26. How about No.9?
- No 9. Robert..hahha..y not..?

27. Is No.4 single?
- clarence?? oo he already have a girlfriend..

28. What is the surname of No.5?
- Zeno..she is my youngest sister..

29.What's the hobby of No.10?
- Back when we're in secodary school.. he likes to sport..

30. Does No.5 and 9 get along well?
- karen and robert?? haha..they never had a chance to meet with each other..

31. Where is No.2 studying at?
- UNITAR..A graduate..now in scc doin his practical training

32. Talk something casually about No.1?
- Mr Mark.. we only talk about IT stuff..and 'gila-gila' stuff..

33. Have you tried developing feelings for No.6?
- Judtih..pernah..but she reject my love for her..now we are friends

34. Where does No.9 live at?
- Robert..Penampang..lupa nama kampung dia..Duvon kali..

35. What colour does No.4 like?
- his wira car is in a red colour..and his favorite EPL/BPL team arsenal also wear red/white jersy.. so i think he likes red color

36. Are No.5 and 1 best friends?
- they can be..if they have a chance to meet..

37. Is No.7 the sexiest person in the world?
- yang yang..she is sweet..i don't know about sexy..

38. What is No.6 doing now?
- currently in love and doing programming stuff.. this girl is very good in Java script...Ruby on Rails..!!