Jumaat, 17 Oktober 2008

the difference..

between me and my fellow trainee friends was.. they enjoyed wat they're doing.

Our senior manager always told us to "put your heart" in anything you do. But so far, i didn't even try to put all my heart in whatever i'm doing. I know my weak points, but i never tried to learn how to make it strong. Let just say, they were good and i'm not.I'm not being -ve. it's a fact.

a man got to do what a man got to do.

one thing i learn and heard today, from one of the senior manager in SCC, "Jangan takut kalah, Buat saja sampai biasa".

I need to be more +ve. Instill all the +ve energy. Get rid of the -ve energy. If i can do this..i'll be a better person.

ps/ webber stay +ve. I know i don't have the right to treat some people the way i treated them right now. They encourage me to do better, but i treat it as a threat. I need to cherish every moment, while it still there. i need to be more relax,calm and be grateful with all the love and care that people surrounding gives to me.

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