Jumaat, 17 Oktober 2008

syok menari..

it's about letting all yourself go. Dance in front of a large audience, first time experience in my life. i'm used to perform in front of a big crowd; debate,sing..but never dancing. haha..there is a first time fro everything. I thanked my frends for their no malu malu attitude. sya pun tejangkit juga x malu. Personally i enjoyed the performance very MUCH, but i know professionally judging, it's quite a messy performance. but who cares? i had a good, oo no, GREAT time.. what a blast!!

update later. I'm progressing.

ps/ sometimes in order for you to show someone that you love them very much and deeply is to let them go. i wish u all the best. i'm letting you go.

"when i get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead!"

Thank you for all the prayer.

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