Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

set yourself free..

sometimes we think that 'that' someone is our happiness. Truth to be told, 'that' someone don't feel the same. You are not his/her happiness. We will be hurt by the fact. What can we do? Just set that someone free. Let her/him find her/his happiness. The moment you set them free, you'll also be free to find your happiness from someone else.

Relationship is about trial and error. Don't force someone to like or love you. Don't fool urself on imagining you'll be happy with that 'someone' who don't find you as her/his happiness. Free yourself.

I believe we all have someone out there as our happiness. Don't be afraid to find that someone. Eventually your happiness will comes to you, weather you expected it or not.

so that's my advise to you.

ps/ if you really love someone, set them free, if she/he comes back to you, then both of you're meant to be. Peace. :)

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AngeL BeaR berkata...

"...if you should return to me, we truly were meant to spread your wings and fly..butterfly..." - Butterfly (Mariah Carey)