Jumaat, 25 April 2008

Bye Bye ..

It's been a very wonderful experience meeting with you guys..

I'll Miss the smiles that always brighten up my day..

the uncensored words that always shock my day..

the coolness that i wish i can have..

and the friendship that i hope will never end..

... Wish You guys all the best..and hope we can work together in the near future..

Bye Bye..

Ahad, 20 April 2008

typical me..

empty. thats what i feel today.

empty.blank. went out ant k-boxing. still nothing. went out and eat char sau. still nothing. i don't feel anything at all. happy?? nope..angry?? nope..moody..nope..it just that i felt empty. hurmm..typical me.

me dont have any feeling at all.

Jumaat, 18 April 2008

should i or shouldn't I pt2.

so..regarding to my post on 15/04/2008..
i showed up..feeling very comfortable,not nervous at all. I don't know how i do it..but i did. The first presenter was very good, with his program,system. He design a mobile phone games for educational purposes,using java. Hemmm,he already put a high standard for all of the presenter behind him. The moderator who evaluated him, and the rest of us, was very satisfied with this person system. But not his report!(yes we need to develop a system and do a report!)..so its my turn. I felt very relax actually.Maybe because my mind set on that day was, "just go with he flow, If anything worst happen, just take it as a lesson". so i hope for the best but also prepare for the worst. I present my system very confidently,maybe a little bit nervous..but i think overall i did OKay. My report was also better then the first presenter i guess, because the moderator just comment a little on my report. So to make my story short... don't let the fear in you prevent you from doing what should you do. its all about our mind set. Set it right, and everything will turn out good. Hemm..say a little prayer( before i live my house that day, i pray like a million times, hoping god will give me blessing, and the big guy did)..

so..let the fun in job hunting begin! yeehaaa...

Selasa, 15 April 2008

should i or shouldn't I ?

This is a story about me..
Tomorrow i will be having one of the greatest obstacles in my life is a student and also as a human being. To start off, i am a computer student studying degree in Information technology. 3 years has passed. I should know 1 or 2 thing about computer right? WRONG. Felt like i never knew anything about it. Still i manage to score good grades in my studies. Y? Because i memorize. I did try to understand at times about the subject but often i memorize. After every final exam passed, my knowledge for that semester also dissappear.

Every student who took this course,bachelor in I.T, must do a what they called computer 'system',web programming,application , watsoever.. ME? no exception. So i did this system called STUDENT RESULT ANALYSIS SYSTEM. Just an application to help the teacher analyze the student exam result. For me its more like a report card where our marks,grades and rank in class were recorded. But i also include analysis of student who passed and failed for every subjects,how many scores A-E, convert it into percentage. i did all this using a very unfamiliar programming language(for me), VB.net and MySQL. hemm sounds complicated? Yups. It is. Whats bothering me is the system i develop has many flaws. But if i ignore this flaws it should be a very good system. Thats what bothering me. What i'm concern right now is, for the presentation, the one person who will be evaluating my system is a person who has written many jurnal on internet publishing, software engineering and etc. In my opinion the person who has all this kind of experience will looked at my system as a piece of crap!..thats my opinion.

Whats my option right now? I'm thinking of not attending the presentation at all. Let them Failed me! or just present and take all the humilation and the higher possibility of failing. Hemm. i just wrote the 'F' word twice. FAIL..now thrice..
What should i do? ???!!

Isnin, 14 April 2008

solution; check if user already exist if not register user

YESSS!!!! at last i manage to find the solution for my own validation in asp.net. What i want to do is to check if the user is exist in the database, if yes then the "user already exist" will appear. If not the user will be register in the database. Here is the complete solution of this problems. hope it can help others who experiecne the same problem.

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

Using Conn As New MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection("server=localhost; user id=root; password=****; database=****; pooling=false;")

Using Cmd As New MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand
Cmd.Connection = Conn
Cmd.CommandText = "SELECT Count(*) AS thecount FROM staff WHERE staff_id=?staff_id"

With Cmd.Parameters
.Add(New MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlParameter("?staff_id", TextBox1.Text))
End With


Dim i As Integer = Cmd.ExecuteScalar()
If i > 0 Then
Label1.Text = "User Already Exist"
End If

If i = 0 Then
Cmd.CommandText = "Insert into staff (staff_id) values (?staff_id)"
Cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("?staff_id", TextBox1.Text)
End If


End Using

End Using

End Sub

basically what the code do is execute the statement of cmd.commandtext that is count if the staff id exist in the database. If it return i>0 (means the staff id is exist then it will display the 'user already exist ' message) but if i=0 which means the staff_id is not exist then it will execute the insert statement and the new staff id will be put in the database.

Khamis, 10 April 2008

Cerita Seorang Aku hari iNI..

hahah..selalu pun begitu..Tadi sia give up betul..Tapi lepas jumpa lecturer2x kesayangan..saya rasa lebih bersemangat!...Tidak kisah lah apa output/ Result Project paper sya dapat.. Apa yang penting Saya tau STUDENT RESULT ANALYSIS SYSTEM sya develop sendiri,my IDEA..i hope for the best...but also preparing for the worst..

Terima kasih Miss Florida(my coordinator) yang walaupun last minute n sibuk urusan lain..masih ada masa melayan saya yang 'agak' menyusahkan tetapi comel dan mantap..hahah..Bila miss cakap..'Buat saja'..terus saya pun bersemangat! Miss Florida you ROCKKKKkkkKKK!!!

Then JUmpa Miss Paula..Pii minta pinjam buku system analysis and design..Tidak sangka miss paula pun masih 'sayang' saya..kasi pinjam juga..walapun sudah beberapa semester tidak berjumpa.. Becerita cerita lagi... Vister kalau kau baca nie kan.. Saya sengaja tidak ambil sijil GROOMING kau supaya kau pun ada chance Jumpa MISS PAULA lagi..mesti kau pun rindu miss nie kan...hehe..

Baru jumpa dua lecturer kesayangan .. Terus semangat nie berabis..!! Nanti present saya mau jadi diri sya sendiri jah..malas mau berlakon lakon pandai.. Sekarang Saya akan berusaha kasi siap project paper.. malas mau main main lagi..malas mau tertekan lagi..sya mau ENJOYYYYY buat kerja sekolah..Last sudah before sya jadi orang yang ada degree...hahahha..mau menikmati hidup belajar nie...

yehhhhaaaaaaaaaa..Hidup PELAJAR!!! MENIKMATI HIDUP BERGELAR PELAJAR SEBELUM CONFIRM DAPAT DEGREE... 16Hb nie maka tamat lah pengajian saya untuk semua paper yang ada exam..Tinggal kasi abis training lagi sampai 24/4..yehhaaaa

HIdup Pelajar

Selasa, 8 April 2008

taken from gua.com.my (Istilah suamiisteri 18SX)

Lawak 1

Wanita lebih sejuk dari peti ais kerana ada barang yang belum sempat dimasuk, sudahpun keras!

Kajian mendapati bayi lelaki lebih manja dari bayi perempuan. Bayi perempuan paling lama menyusu hingga 2 tahun tapi bayi lelaki menyusu hingga ke tua.

Petua isteri, kalau mau tau suami dah main dengan pompuan lain, bila balik rumah, rendam suami dalam bath tub. Kalau buahnya terapung, hukumnya sah 'air' sudah buang...

Beza wanita & gajah - gajah ditembak dulu baru rebah, wanita rebah dulu baru ditembak. Beza lelaki & gajah - gajah kepalanya berbelalai, lelaki belalainya berkepala.

Inilah doa isteri jika kemaluan suaminya disengat tebuan. "Moga di hilangkan kesakitan yang ditanggungnya, tapi kekalkanlah bengkaknya, fuuhh...."

Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang bangun dan mandi di subuh subuh hari adalah orang orang yang mengerjakan bininya malam tadi...

Isnin, 7 April 2008

Mariah Carey E=Mc2 LEAK!!!!!

i read it somewhere that mariah carey's new e=mc2 albums has leaked in the internet. the album relase schedule is on the 15th April..hemm.Hope the album still sales well and give mariah another no.1 album.

hemm..what can i say..poor(VERY RICH!!!) mariah..

Sabtu, 5 April 2008

i love you but i don't love you..

you know what,

you're supposed to be one of the great person i should be with,
but it seems like..the longer we knew each other, the more hatred comes more from me,
i like you, but there are time you are such a pain in the ass,
it's not your fault, it's all my fault..
maybe..the times SHOULD come for us to give each other a rest...
you don't hear my voice..and i don't here yours..
the more successful you become, the more far apart we'll be,

i hope i can bee happy with your success, But seriously I'M NOT!,
I wish you all the best .. yes from the bottom of my heart.
i'll laugh, but seriously, i'm hurting inside,
i'am happy when you're happy, but i'm not happy when you're happy,
i laugh when you laugh, but seriously i shouldn't be laughing at all,
you know the song 'Ohhhh Yesss..I am the great PRETENDER', Yes I am,
i pretend that theres nothing wrong between us, but SERIOUSLY, there are lots of things that's wrong with us...
i'm happy for you..but i'm not happy for you..Please give it a rest already..
Yeah. It hurts to say..but sometimes..i wish i never knew YOU! Hemm..how about if i say PLEASE FUCK OFF from my life..JUST GO AWAY...I DON'T EVEN WISH TO SEE YOU..SEE YOUR FACE..PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

credit : hurtfulgal ( poem of the broken heart!)

Jumaat, 4 April 2008

Hey Jude The Cutest Cover EVER!!

haha..canNOT blog about this one..make me smile the first time i watch it..
i don't no the kid age but i know pne thing..she can be the next utada hikaru. What a way to start a singing carrer..see for yourself..and you'll laugh(in a good way) of this superstar in the making..

This should have to be the CUTEST EVER Hey Jude cover in the whole world..haha.
watch it .. and start training your kids to sing..its fun..and if u have the luck ..you kids can make u a millionaire..

..this kids certainly dont have people around her to tell her what she will become..she tell them by herself!! say WHATTTTT..start singing ( i believe the childrens our future...la la la!~)

Dolly Parton - Jesus And Gravity

Jesus And Gravity Dolly Parton

Jesus & Gravity Lyrics

what an amazing performance by the 62-years-young and talented performer? i bet some of the season 7 American idol top 9(dolly perform before rami maluby was eliminated) wish that they have the AURA and Spirit to perform like dolly did. What an amazing songs from one of the most long-life-serving-singer..amazing lyrics..amazing performance..Mariah Carey sure had to practice more on her whistling style to compete with this senior singer on the next 2-weeks from now idol..next week will be the idol gives back-weeks..and i'm looking forward to the lineup of performer..i hope they can top dolly parton performance this week.. And yes i have to say david archuleta was back on his games after 2 weeks of dissapoinment..But the one singer i am looking forward to sing is Brook white..there's just something in her voice and the way she perform her song that captured my heart..whenever she sing.. the world is like on peace..calm..and peaceful..thats something i hope america's people can see in Brooke White..i don't think she can be the winner..but she can certainly be in the top 5 performer..

To all of you..listen to this dolly's song..one of the songs that can brings hope to anybody who is on trouble,doubt..Listennn...

Khamis, 3 April 2008

Rayzam Shah 110m hurdles sea games Champions..

Cerita lama lagi..

Setelah sekian lama..akhirnya ada juga orang keningau(jiran-jiran Tambunan juga nie),Sabah,MALAYSIA jadi juara lompat pagar..Hebat Budak nie..Tiba-tiba muncul..Masuk sea games nie pun sebab dia kena suruh ganti orang yang sepatutnya wakil Malaysia tapi tidak dapat beraksi..Ini lah yang dikatakan Tuah Ayam nampak di kaki..Tuah manusia siapa yang tahu..peluang yang diberikan tidak disia-siakan oleh anak muda yang berasal dari keningau nie..Juara lagi..Anyway..kalau kita percaya diri..anything is possible..believe in yourself..and everythin will turn out GREAT!!!

Golden Boy - Rayzam

credit to dBOs(youtube)

Rabu, 2 April 2008

suffiah 'shilpa lee'..oxford..Pela***..genius..Matematik

siapa budak nie?..
baca sini..
13 thn..Hebat Dalam Matematik..akhirnya..
baca artikel ini..(AWAS..ADA GAMBAR yang TIDAK sesuai dilihat oleh bebudak underage!)...


Bersyukur lah apa yang kita ada..i don't have the right in commenting what this girl has become..i don't know her..reading her stories...just for my own reminder..hemm..what a waste..!!