Jumaat, 4 April 2008

Dolly Parton - Jesus And Gravity

Jesus And Gravity Dolly Parton

Jesus & Gravity Lyrics

what an amazing performance by the 62-years-young and talented performer? i bet some of the season 7 American idol top 9(dolly perform before rami maluby was eliminated) wish that they have the AURA and Spirit to perform like dolly did. What an amazing songs from one of the most long-life-serving-singer..amazing lyrics..amazing performance..Mariah Carey sure had to practice more on her whistling style to compete with this senior singer on the next 2-weeks from now idol..next week will be the idol gives back-weeks..and i'm looking forward to the lineup of performer..i hope they can top dolly parton performance this week.. And yes i have to say david archuleta was back on his games after 2 weeks of dissapoinment..But the one singer i am looking forward to sing is Brook white..there's just something in her voice and the way she perform her song that captured my heart..whenever she sing.. the world is like on peace..calm..and peaceful..thats something i hope america's people can see in Brooke White..i don't think she can be the winner..but she can certainly be in the top 5 performer..

To all of you..listen to this dolly's song..one of the songs that can brings hope to anybody who is on trouble,doubt..Listennn...

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