Jumaat, 18 April 2008

should i or shouldn't I pt2.

so..regarding to my post on 15/04/2008..
i showed up..feeling very comfortable,not nervous at all. I don't know how i do it..but i did. The first presenter was very good, with his program,system. He design a mobile phone games for educational purposes,using java. Hemmm,he already put a high standard for all of the presenter behind him. The moderator who evaluated him, and the rest of us, was very satisfied with this person system. But not his report!(yes we need to develop a system and do a report!)..so its my turn. I felt very relax actually.Maybe because my mind set on that day was, "just go with he flow, If anything worst happen, just take it as a lesson". so i hope for the best but also prepare for the worst. I present my system very confidently,maybe a little bit nervous..but i think overall i did OKay. My report was also better then the first presenter i guess, because the moderator just comment a little on my report. So to make my story short... don't let the fear in you prevent you from doing what should you do. its all about our mind set. Set it right, and everything will turn out good. Hemm..say a little prayer( before i live my house that day, i pray like a million times, hoping god will give me blessing, and the big guy did)..

so..let the fun in job hunting begin! yeehaaa...

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