Selasa, 15 April 2008

should i or shouldn't I ?

This is a story about me..
Tomorrow i will be having one of the greatest obstacles in my life is a student and also as a human being. To start off, i am a computer student studying degree in Information technology. 3 years has passed. I should know 1 or 2 thing about computer right? WRONG. Felt like i never knew anything about it. Still i manage to score good grades in my studies. Y? Because i memorize. I did try to understand at times about the subject but often i memorize. After every final exam passed, my knowledge for that semester also dissappear.

Every student who took this course,bachelor in I.T, must do a what they called computer 'system',web programming,application , watsoever.. ME? no exception. So i did this system called STUDENT RESULT ANALYSIS SYSTEM. Just an application to help the teacher analyze the student exam result. For me its more like a report card where our marks,grades and rank in class were recorded. But i also include analysis of student who passed and failed for every subjects,how many scores A-E, convert it into percentage. i did all this using a very unfamiliar programming language(for me), and MySQL. hemm sounds complicated? Yups. It is. Whats bothering me is the system i develop has many flaws. But if i ignore this flaws it should be a very good system. Thats what bothering me. What i'm concern right now is, for the presentation, the one person who will be evaluating my system is a person who has written many jurnal on internet publishing, software engineering and etc. In my opinion the person who has all this kind of experience will looked at my system as a piece of crap!..thats my opinion.

Whats my option right now? I'm thinking of not attending the presentation at all. Let them Failed me! or just present and take all the humilation and the higher possibility of failing. Hemm. i just wrote the 'F' word twice. thrice..
What should i do? ???!!

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