Sabtu, 5 April 2008

i love you but i don't love you..

you know what,

you're supposed to be one of the great person i should be with,
but it seems like..the longer we knew each other, the more hatred comes more from me,
i like you, but there are time you are such a pain in the ass,
it's not your fault, it's all my fault..
maybe..the times SHOULD come for us to give each other a rest...
you don't hear my voice..and i don't here yours..
the more successful you become, the more far apart we'll be,

i hope i can bee happy with your success, But seriously I'M NOT!,
I wish you all the best .. yes from the bottom of my heart.
i'll laugh, but seriously, i'm hurting inside,
i'am happy when you're happy, but i'm not happy when you're happy,
i laugh when you laugh, but seriously i shouldn't be laughing at all,
you know the song 'Ohhhh Yesss..I am the great PRETENDER', Yes I am,
i pretend that theres nothing wrong between us, but SERIOUSLY, there are lots of things that's wrong with us...
i'm happy for you..but i'm not happy for you..Please give it a rest already..
Yeah. It hurts to say..but sometimes..i wish i never knew YOU! about if i say PLEASE FUCK OFF from my life..JUST GO AWAY...I DON'T EVEN WISH TO SEE YOU..SEE YOUR FACE..PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

credit : hurtfulgal ( poem of the broken heart!)

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