Jumaat, 4 April 2008

Hey Jude The Cutest Cover EVER!!

haha..canNOT blog about this one..make me smile the first time i watch it..
i don't no the kid age but i know pne thing..she can be the next utada hikaru. What a way to start a singing carrer..see for yourself..and you'll laugh(in a good way) of this superstar in the making..

This should have to be the CUTEST EVER Hey Jude cover in the whole world..haha.
watch it .. and start training your kids to sing..its fun..and if u have the luck ..you kids can make u a millionaire..

..this kids certainly dont have people around her to tell her what she will become..she tell them by herself!! say WHATTTTT..start singing ( i believe the childrens our future...la la la!~)

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Labu berkata...

emhh..haha! just too cute..emhh..love it!