Ahad, 23 Ogos 2009

cruel intentions...

"In the game of seduction, There is only one rule: Never fall in love"

mo dengar cerita..


sebenarnya pintu hati saya sudah lama tertutup bah. untuk org lain. sebab sya cuma mau dia saturang saja. saya n this girl x pernah jumpa. tapi kalau chat or call sampai berjam jam..abis kerdit sya, dia pula call sampai abis crdit dia. Dia adalah perempuan yang cakap, "webber ko x hensem!"..haha..memang pun..

kami kenal start 2004. dari friendster sya rasa. then bebagi no phone.. YM.. i send her my favorite cd..and eveything.. she even sing to me once.. and damn..this girl is not only beautiful..but also can play guitar and sing .. i remember the song.. her song, her singing and her guitar.. the title "kiss me"..hurmm..

sya biar dia yang tentukan semua benda.. yups semua benda..

hubungan kami nie open relationship bah..no string attach..sya boleh flirt dengan perempuan lain..and dia boleh flirt sama lelaki lain..so its a win win situation i guess..

flirt..seducation..rule..NEVER fall in love! sya langgar nie undang undang.. saya terjatuh cinta sama dia.. so..itulah.. sya tunggu dia call. bulan 10 2008, paling last kami becontact..(i play by her rule)..and sya masi menunggu..and ya..sya memang budu nie! tapi untuk dia saja...untuk orang lain, saya masih hebat + kacak.. huhuhu

tunggu..dan..tunggu.. sya sebenarnya tunggu dia cakap.. "ok webber, game over!"...so i can move on la kunun.. tapi dia x pernah cakap gitu.. so..sya tunggu la..sampai mana sya boleh tunggu.. sebab kami sudah janji mau kahwin! :D... hahaha..yups.. betul!

le le le le le....

ok..begitu la..saja tu..

ps/ macam mainan ni cerita..tapi sebenarnya memang realiti!

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AngeL BeaR berkata...

i understand how u feel. recently it just happened to me..the thing is, if he promised me an open relationship, I dun mind. Even sa sendiri pernah request for open relationship but he said no (we're in long distance relationship)...in the end, he just simply stopped contacting me then one day, someone using his hp sms me and asked me who am I...that 'someone' claimed to be his gf... =/ no goodbyes, nothing. I decided to move on. From another source that I was told, he already with that lady..until now he never confesses that there is 'another person' in his life.

Some ppl are just too selfish and just let other ppl wait for nothing. =.= And yes, it was not worth the wait.

C.Alv.B berkata...

Thats why I dont like open relationship..Webber better you move on with your life..she might have someone else..almost a year dia x contact ko..ko pun napa x contact dia? I know love sometimes can be so cruel..like what happened to Angel.. like me.. waiting and waiting.. I'm tired actually..but yes love sometimes so cruel..

izanazuani berkata...

OMG! I was so touched by your story. Both of u never met, but u fell in love with her without really knowing it. Love is soft and it can be hard on u. It's ok to have an open relationship, but there's always consequences. A long distance relationship is also painful, try to get rid of it coz I've experienced it a lot. Webber, stop hoping and waiting, go on with life... U might not know that there are better life for u out there. Get out from the box! Start flirting, meet girls... U'll find the one somewhere...

kukuanga berkata...

ko get real lah bah.

astaga.. mau ketawa (punyalah cruel kan? i supposed to be 'touched' with this story-believe me, i do.)then, one question melompat-lompat dalam utak sy. (biar betul ni lelaki kena tipu bulat2) sorry to sound a bit heartless. but, a year with no call? ko get real lah bah.