Isnin, 7 Julai 2008

Happy Belated Birthday..

ya..i celebrated my birthday on the 4th of july.. actually i was born on the 3rd of july..
25 years more, and i'll be 50 years old.. so what's my birthday wish..?
i hope my life will be better in the years to's not that i'm not thankful for my previous 25 years behind..instead i'm happy with all the 25 years experience of living the cruel cruel world! haha..

on my be exact on the 3rd of july..5.45a.m(SPELLED A.M) mother and my youngest sister called and wish me a birthday wish..and guess what my mother's gift for me on my 25th birthday?'s not a's not money( if it was then every month is my birthday then).. actually it was a prayer..and guess what? i couldn't ask for more.. thank you dear Family..

thank you for all the wishes..via my friendster,telephone,sms and etc.. And a special shout out to my cousin Doris a.k.a D.J're the first person to wish me on my birthday! thank you!

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