Rabu, 30 Julai 2008


i need to remind myself..that I'M not A B.O.S.S

today instead of learning new tricks in programming,
i( including my frenemy vister) spend most of our time (from 9a.m-12.15p.m)
printing thousands and thousands of Bar Code.. and it's not finish yet.
after this need to print thousands more..

with our newly appointed senior manager for I.T section

and i don't feel like studying anything today, the printing job takes away all the 'good mood' in me.

don't know what to write anymore.

..just a reminder for myself.."Buat saja la" translate "Just Do IT"

ps/ the lestary - sindarela on tv3 last night ended it series with a "BOOM!".. FANTASTIC ENDING EVER!..you know..when you thought that this girl will ended up with this guy..she ended being single..thats what i call DRAMA..not the happy ending kind of thing..S.Amani is not a good actress..she is a BRILLIANT actress.. Congrats Sindarella!!


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