Ahad, 19 April 2009

The Blower's Daughter

youtubeing and found this one really great song+singer. i fell in love with this song instantly!..it's a shame i never heard the song and the singer before.. the title of the song is "the blower's daugther", the singer, Damien Rice. so..enjoy the video

you can download the song from this link(its on .m4a format)

download the song from this link (Jolin Tsai Version of the song)

4 ulasan:

C.Alv.B berkata...

I love the song too..

kukuanga berkata...

check 2:58, ah... that kinda song.
"did i say i loathe you?"

extreme emotion beget extremely good performance even when the music arrangements are simplistic. tis is a very good one.

desperation drives people to their best.

kukuanga berkata...

aw.. 3:58. my bad.
after watching some of damien's clips on youtube. this is one very intense singer. thanks kasetau.

merapuswz@webber berkata...

bagus la kalau kamu pun suka nie lagu..nanti kalau ada lagu best lagi kita share share okies..