Khamis, 9 April 2009

Flying Free

just want to share a poem/song "Flying Free". Baca kalau tengah tengah down, listen kalau rasa rasa putus asa. setiap bait bait perkataan dalam nie lagu sya rasa ada di hati setiap manusia. at least sama saya ada lah. hehe :D

The choir was performed by Sabah Credit corporation enjoy. sya mau prepare dulu. Heheh :D.


There is a place I call my own
Where I can stand by the sea,
And look beyond the things I've known ,
And dream that I might be free.
Like the bird above the trees
Gliding gently on the breeze,
I wish that all my life I'd be
Without a care and flying free!

But life is not a distant sky
Without a cloud, without rain.
And I can never hope that I
Can travel on without pain

Time goes swiftly on its way,
All too soon we've lost today.
I cannot wait for skies of blue
Or dream so long that life is through.

So life's a song that I must sing,
A gift of love I must share .
And when I see the joy it brings,
My spirits soar through the air.
Like that bird up in the sky ,
Life has taught me how to fly.
For now I know what I can be
And now my heart is flying free!

2 ulasan:

kukuanga berkata...

just the right song for me now... thanks.

AngeL BeaR berkata...

thanks for sharing.
I feel much better.