Jumaat, 18 September 2009

..goodbye..shame on me..

"simple confession, makes me feel free"
and there u go ladies n gents.. now i'm free.
now i can move on..without anymore hesitations..
no..no sadness at all.. but i'm ofically had my heart broken..again! by the same person! yes..shame on me!
........i'll never wait for u anymore... right now..at this moment.. u're forever vanished from my mind,heart,body and soul.. no more regrets.. decision never comes to late.. i just want to say, i'm glad that i've got the chance to fell in love with you.. and that love will be a love that you'll never know..
..and it was a pleasure loving you... thank u...

:) + :(

-webber,18 sept 2009,02:03a.m-

4 ulasan:

C.Alv.B berkata...

Never regret what it had happened.. glad for it coz we didnt know, when it will happen again. Life is too short to experience it all

gha_c berkata...

We're still wondering who the heck you're talking about ni haha but whatever it is, life does go on, this is just another phase you will go through kan :-) someday you will look back and laugh about it :->

kukuanga berkata...

what a fool! shame on you! (i suppose to be the heartless and eccentric commentator here)

love drives us crazy, doing stupid things, more emotional, more in touch with our heart and needs. nobody's a fool enough in the game of love. so, no, you are not alone in the string of fools in love. no shame being so.

given options, i rather survived foolish act than not experiencing love at all. so, please consider yourself lucky of being in love once.. you certainly will again.(give it sometime to settle)

as of now, 'enjoy' your broken heart.. hahhahahaha! (me being heartless again!)

Gallivanter berkata...

Yeah, but this is part of life. As Bon Jovi say, "The lessons you learn
won't be the ones that you plan".