Ahad, 22 November 2009

You Changed My Life...

wahhh..hidup sangat seronok...tengok moviee jah..

You Changed My Life earned 18 million pesos in the Philippines on its February 25 opening day screening in 94 theaters. This surpassed the 14 million pesos opening day record of A Very Special Love, which premiered on July 2008. It broke the single day record of Philippine Cinema ticket sales when hit 27 million pesos in the film's opening day weekend of Saturday and 30 million pesos on Sunday.

The movie earned a 170 million pesos after 11 days of showing, making the fastest and highest grossing film in the Philippines in very short period of time. For the first time in Philippine cinema that a local movie has reached a 200 million mark in the box-office, 240.44 million pesos in gross sales which made the film as the highest top-grossing Filipino movie of all time.

ps/ trivia of the day: 100 Pesos = RM7.22 .. One More Chance is Next!

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kukuanga berkata...

astaga! Sarah Geronimo! she's a big hit in the phil. not as pretty as christine hermosa..tapi, dia punya likeability sgt tinggi plus she's a real good singer.

kami kena demam movie filipin mid of this year before our visit to manila (kunun mau belajar tagalog). this movie is one of our favourite. (katun2 bah ni cerita..)

selamat bercuti.