Ahad, 18 Julai 2010

..tiada hal..

i have blister in my hand.. it means that i actually achieved something today.
and i'm really proud of it. That's the beauty of being a farmer's son. :D

ps/ off to kk.. will return 2morow.. :D

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kukuanga berkata...

muahahhahahaha!astaga... i remember, masa study dulu, bila balik kampung, pigi mongomot, blisters all over my fingers. and no amount of sunblock can help my skin from getting itam. so, when i returned to the uni, and ppl commented on my 'tan'. i just laughed it off and said ".. from my vacations".

experiencing farming first hand, i'd say, not the easiest job in the world. but, looking at those durians, rambutans, cempedaks, etc, we planted years back when we were only little kids giving fruits. i'd say, that must be something to be proud of.

bah, marilah p Ranau, makan durian.