Ahad, 10 Ogos 2008

the different side of me...

i just want to work hard and play hard.. i try not to care either people like me or not..
for me i'm the type of person who is very talkative, easy going,happy go lucky,playful and ann0ying at times..but who doesn't?

the one feature in me that has both +ve and -ve impact to my life is, for me la.. the playfulness in me.. it seems like i cannot control myself..when to be playful..and when to be not..

i once went to an interview..i'm confident that i will get the job..but sadly i didn't? when i think of it..maybe its because the interviewee find me very playful and not serious in the interview.. on of the question that i was asked during the interview is.. "apakah ibu negeri pahang"..the answer should be "KUANTAN"..but since i'm very nervous i forgot the answer..so what was my answer to the question?? i said.." oh, sekejap sya fikir dulu.." then.."yang di kepala sya sekrang ialah kuala lipis..sebab tempat penyanyi terkenal datuk siti nurhaliza".."jawapan akhir saya Kuala lipis"...hahah..yeah..it maybe a stupid answer..but at least i've tried..

sometimes...people who do not know my at all..will get very offended with my jokes.. mulut sya boleh tahan juga nie kalau buat lawak..but yala..different people different ways of thinking bah kan..so kalau silap tafsir my jokes..then get offended lah..

maybe that's the reason y sometimes instead of making friends..i make new enemies..haha..

so that's my post right now..i'll post again later...

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