Selasa, 5 Ogos 2008

The Bottom Line
Stop wasting energy on demanding people. Watch out for folks trying to change you.

In Detail
It is natural to want to compare yourself to other people, but there really is no comparison. You have your own, unique personality and inherent in that is the fact that not every single person you meet will connect with it. So what if you're not every person's cup of tea? All that matters is that the people who get you are the people you want to be around. So please stop wasting your energy trying to impress someone who just isn't worth it. Watch out for others who try to change you!

natural to compare?? haha..comparison makes me go crazy.. and i hate comparing myself to others..but as what my horoscope say..its natural to compare urself with the others... so what if others don't like me for who i'm...i pity those people..what i;m concern right now its not what others think of me..but what i think of themm..!! self centerd...but that's what i;m feeling what..???

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