Khamis, 25 September 2008


now i have a question. Since when do people needs anyone approval to do something good?
it makes me angry. I have the opportunity to do something good, but i can't. Because i need approval. SHhit!. And some smart ass people wants to be credited.WTF.
And...i don't know..people nowadays..are very self-centered...They only care for themselves.WTF..
still angry..and f**k off smart ass..!
ps/sorry kepada yang berpuasa..mecarut pula saya awal pagi!


we've talk with GM of mood is A-OKAY rite now..He is not only brilliant man..but also honest. Thanx GM..!!!

1 ulasan:

i n d e n berkata...

hmmm...sia melimpas ja ni ah.

i saw this pic ba..whois this man? i mean his name?

is pung (something2)?

ehhehehe. cos he looks awfully familiar...macam kawan sia punya bapa haha.

p.s: kipas susah mati si daphne pla ko ni ah. but she's hot! (and soo spontaneous) who doesnt like her? kekeke. nama panggilan dia si popon kan? lol.