Selasa, 2 September 2008

How to uninstall IE7 and IE8

how to uninstall internet explorer 7 or 8 you might ask?
it's simple..
go to start-->run-->%windir%\ie[version here]\spuninst

...example %windir%\ie7\spuninst..and you're ready to uninstall the IE..

why did i uninstall my I.E7 and went back to use IE6. It's because i can't update any new updates from microsoft website. so changing my IE into IE6 again solve my problem..

..and also while i'm on my IE7..everytime i click the HELP menu and go to the ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER, i encounter an error, where i can;t view the about internet explorer..

that's about it.. will i ever change my browser to ie7 or 8 again..for the time anwer will be..absolutley NO.. until microsoft people can tell me why i'm experiencing this kind of trouble while using their LATEST browser..

so..i'll only use my Internet explorer only when i go to other then that.. FIREFOX is my main browser right now..

if anybody experince the same problem as i did, uninstall your IE7 or 8..change it back to IE6.

read here for more information of the ie7 and 8 browser..

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