Isnin, 22 September 2008

It's Been A while..

since the last time i updated my's not that i don't have anything to write/complaint or watsoever..but the thing is..when i wanted to post the things that i've written, it ended up in my draft... haha..Y u may ask? haha..maybe its just to sensitive to post..nah..maybe i don't feel like posting it up..haha..ya the later might be the reason..

so what's up with me? nothing much..still try to figure out if the I.T industry is the right industry for me to venture in.. Not that i don't like what i do right now..but sometimes i feel that i can't cope with my fellow-smart-fast-pick-up-friends.. I don't know wats wrong with me.. i realize that i keep giving an excuse for myself to not get serious in what i do right now. Slow-leaner lah, hard lah..cannot tahan with the pressure la...i just can't help it..

I miss my student life..where there are times when i really put hundred and ten percent in my studies.. These times are the time i miss the most..Where i have the will to stay strong, and keep on studying. I even surprised few of my friends who thinks that i'm just a joker who don't know when to get serious.. I really miss that feeling. The feeling where u just outdo yourself, do things differently and success with it.

I miss those moments. I miss the feeling. I miss being smart. I miss being hardworking.Maybe i'm justtttttttttttt to comfortable with my life right now. i don;t know. MayB i need someone to slap me..and wake me up from my laziness,my unmatured-ness.

I don't know.. I hope i can figure what type of human being or man that i can become. What i like right now? i D.O.N.T K.N.O.W! i really don;t know...yes i really don;t know. i don;t have goals,target..I know i'm in trouble for not knowing what i want to do with my life..! I just don't know.. i hope the Big Guy up there can help and give me his blessing and guidance on what should i become. Please me to figure this out..ok.. I begg u..Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

so near..yet so far..

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