Ahad, 4 Januari 2009

the insecurity in me..

I am insecure in so many ways..
I am a very confident yet insecure..
I am afraid of letting go..

..and i am taking it slow, one step at a time..
..right now i am in a middle of a battlefield..
..fighting for the right things to do..
..trying to be someone that i want to be..

and again..i never thought that making a decision will be so hard..
i need to decide, i need to let go, and i need to find who's the real me..

..being afraid and insecure is not an option anymore..

2 ulasan:

AngeL BeaR berkata...

do ur best...believe that with HIM, you can do it. =D

kukuanga berkata...

dont worry merapu,
everybody have that little insecurity deep inside.. means, you are not alone. ( mcm iklan LIVERPOOL pulak kan..)