Isnin, 19 Januari 2009

it's hard..

doing something that u don't feel like doing..haha..
..and i'm giving my middle finger to this work that i'm currently doing!...although it means i'm giving it to myself too.

can someone please slap me in the face..or to make it better mabye a real HARD punch.

haha..lama tidak rasa nie perasaaan. i started my entire january with a +ve thinking..and this work makes me think -ve again. and again.."hey work, i give u my middle finger!"

..... :) .....

i'm thinking negative in a positive ways..khahka..merapu lagi...apa? time waits for no one?? haha..Peduli lah tu time..! kan sudah kena marah!

PS/ update : tarik balik nie post.. ehhe..apamacam mau drem the impossible dream kalau kerja senang macam nie pun x boleh buat kan.. alrite..chowss!

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