Sabtu, 24 Januari 2009

just another update..of my life..hehhe

just another not so important update from me..
there's nothing interesting happens in this past few weeks for me la, except for doing the work that i don't feel like doing.. and i'm proud to say i've finish doing the work with a high quality output...haha..and yes, i can't believe it myself. the one thing that you don't want to do, you do it well, but the things that you really wants to do,the end result always not what u're expecting.
and again i'm still enjoying myself being unemployeed..yes. it's true. i don't feel any pressure at all. maybe it's just my way to feel the pressure without feeling the pressure.

online poker game. do not try it people. it's very addictive. haha..and you lose some 'real' money too. talking about real life experience.Sigh!..hahahaha..

..suddenly i;m thinking of eating 'bosou udang'.. slurrrrrrrrppppp!!..sedap...terliur sudah sya. nanti lah balik kampung dulu.. hhehe.. i'm a very simple man...bosou + nasi 'o', it's more then enough to satisfy my favorite.. + campur lada lagi sikit..asam asam..pedas pedasss..alalallalala..terliur sudah sya nie.. BOSOU udang...SEDAP OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

ps/ one down...many more to go..hahah...lifee of life ( des'ree song) :))

3 ulasan:

C.Alv.B berkata...

Nda pernah sa makan bosou udang..hehehehhe..adakah?

AngeL BeaR berkata...

bah...alang2 gia time Chinese New Year apa kelas main online poker...main Laplap fu ba in real life...heheheheh~

merapuswz@webber berkata...

C.Alv.B..ada bah..bosou udang..punya sedap tuh..untuk saya lah..memang sya suka makan..kalau dulu budak budak..nampak jah terus x berselera..tapi semakin tua nie..semakin suka pula sya makan bosou...hahaha

Angel.. sya x berapa suka main lap lap..sya x campin..tapi kalau main mahjong sya suka la..tapi bukan yang tulisan cina tu..hehe..abis sya x paham gia..