Isnin, 1 Disember 2008

org bilang...

apa lah tuh? haha..saja mau tulis banyak banyak awal bulan december nie..01/12.. ada sya achieve anything AMAZING this year..?? haha..macam many things so little time..alasan sya selalu..malas terus mau belajar..

Apa yang terlintas di kepala sya skrg..itulah yang sya mau tulis..sya mau berubah. tapi x pandai berubah. makin menjadi jadi pula perangai buruk sya..

nda lama lagi nie..sya rasa sya boleh jadi alcholic oo..asal ada carlsberg seems to be it solution..lepas minum..terus lupa masalah..instead of facing the problem i RUN far far away from it.. Some people might simply say..just face it. Dare to face your own problems..haha..Tapi sya lain..sya pilih untuk lari..jauh..jauh..

apa macam mau maju..i realize things only can get better when you do it differently..not the same way..but different.. how can we move forward when we implement the same step each and every steps of the way..

i realize there's no point of falling for some1 when u don;t have the guts to say it to that person..
i realize.. in order for me to love others..i need to love myself 1st..
i realize.. there's not shorcut to always have to take the stairs..
i realize.. love will only be called love when both parties share the same feelings..
i realize.. there's no point of being angry of what you've become when you, yourself purposely trap yourself into that situation..
i realize.. i only can compete with others..when i can top myself..
i realize.. i need to share the love with order for this world to become a happy place..
i realize.. i need to get rid of my negative habit..and do something more +ve..
and i realize..i can never compete with those who have passion for what they do..when me.myself..don't have enough passion for IT..

so..what can i do..just be average...or extraordinary..the answer is all up to me NOW!..

ps/tiba tiba rasa mau buat sajak..macam best pula...

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AngeL BeaR berkata...

It's not wrong loving someone that never loves you back. It shows that we are human - we hve emotions too. No worries, the right one will come along. GBU.

markiekadus berkata...

Wahai encik webber. Dlm sungguh sharing mu itu. Ok gini la.

Tidak sala utk ko lari jauh2 dari smua masalah ko. Its human nature ba. I do runs from my problems... Jan ko sangka sa budu2 dlm opis pikiran sa clear dari segala masalah? Its like 'my way' to run from it. Tapi kan, sa pkr, am i going to falls if i face the problem? So instead of running away, i try to face it n solve it. If i fail, theres always another day. But that just me la. Its ur life jg, so i support every decisions u make.

About the love thingy. Ginila... Someone special to my life once said this to me. 'CINTA TIDAK SEMESTINYA MEMILIKI'. At first, i didnt understand what she meant by that. Lama2 i get it. So based on that word, i hope u can GET what i means.

My two cents opinion bro...