Khamis, 4 Disember 2008

the other side of me..

go crazy, whatever u like..
just go crazy..let us fill our surrounding with love and joy..
laugh..harder..laugh at your mistakes..there's no point of living
when you are afraid of doing mistakes..

do not afraid, say whatever you want to say..
just feel free, just let go..
be happy with every breath that you take..
just be +VE..keep on smiling..
smile when you're hurting, smile when you're in pain..
smile when you're in all the way.. not afraid to be out of even if you have two left feet..
just go yourself to the fullest..
...n when you feel, you're down, un-loved, hurting, know you still have someone up there to turn to..believe and you'll experience a i feel the love.. i don't know where is it coming from..someone,somewhere might have pray for me.. and i promise even if i don't know you..i'll always pray for your happiness..

..just live your life to the fullest..make each day a new day to learn a new things.. whatever happens in the past,one second ago..just let it be.. to the world..and the world will smile back to you..

keep smiling, keep shining..

and i know. i can do it. i'm the type of guy who brings smile to can always count on me..let me be your shoulder to cry on..let me be the people you want to share your happiness with..i'm yours..always be yours.. for ever and ever..

ps/ i might not find you..but i'll keep on searching..until i found you..i'll never stop searching..

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