Isnin, 15 Disember 2008

What is yours??

i mean your X'mas wishes. What do you want to achieve before the night of christmas. This is something similar with what your new resolution for next year, but this is like a short version of it. What do you want to achieve before christmas?

what's mine? I wish i will be celebrating this year's christmas with joy, love, laughter and peace. I've been through a lots..i mean LOTS of things this year. I can say i suffer a bit but who doesn't right?

I need to adjust, NOT change, but adjust a little bit of my attitude. Adjust for the better. I like who i am right now, that's y i don't want to change, but just adjusting. Kasi tune tune dulu tu sikap. haha..

so that is what i want to achieve before x'mas eve. So what's yours??

ps/ "If you smile, the world smiles back at you, but on the other hand if you cry, you cry alone."

2 ulasan:

C.Alv.B berkata...

All I want for christmas is good peace. All I want for christmas is YOU... hehhehe..jgn ko perasan ahh.. I want God presence in me hehehhe

AngeL BeaR berkata...

World peace...that's what i wish.